2018 – 2019 Executive

Effective July 1, 2018 here is your new Executive:

President: Wendy Cook
Vice President(s):  Tanya Kerr, Darren Storsley and Brian Coleman
Secretary:  Nicole DeCambra
Treasurer:  Jessica Sutlow
Aboriginal Education Chair:  Janet Stromquist
Adult Education Chair: Richard Obayashi & Anurita Dhiman (co-chairs)
Communications Chair:  David Sandquist
Early Career Teachers/TTOC Chair:  Kirsteen Cowan
Ed Change & Assessment Chair:  Christa Barberis
French Educators Chair:  Ellen Bornowsky
Health & Safety Chair:  Diane Courtney
Pro-D Chair:  Hedy Miller
Social Justice Chair: Jennifer Robinson
Working & Learning Conditions Chair:  Shannon Spence
Members-at-Large:  Ashley Driediger, Graham Esplen, Dale Harrision and Linda Humphrey
LR’s  Gurpeet Mahil, Laurence Greeff, Nicole Francis
Local Election Rep:  Kaya Strzalkowski

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