Langley’s BCTF AGM Delegates

At our General Meeting – February 5th – we elected the following Langley members to attend the 2018 BCTF AGM over the March Spring Break:

Barberis, Christa 
Braun, Lorena
Casella, Gina
Cook, Wendy
Coulter, Megan
Courtney, Diane
Driediger, Ashley
Esplen, Graham
Kardos, Sandor
Kerr, Tanya
Lang, Laurie
Mahil, Gurpreet
McNeill, Elisa
Miller, Hedy
Proulx, Jason
Pulice, Angelo
Reynolds, Jodie
Rowe, Aaron
Storsley, Darren
Sutlow, Jessica

Alternate Delegate Shannon Spence, and Langley teachers Jennifer Robinson & Kaya Strzalkowski will also be attending this years AGM

Langley’s three Local Reps (Brian Coleman, Nicole Francis, and Laurence Greeff) will be attending.


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